Lavender Lolli Pops

Lavender Lolli Pops

A very exciting new product for our Holiday 2017 collection is Waxing Kara's Lavender Lollipops! We fell in love with this brand immediately as it has so much to offer! We strive to find many unique and local artisan's who have great passion for what they create, and represent. We love these lollipops as they are unique, taste amazing, and are hand made! We suggest you watch this lovely video below about Waxing Kara! You will fall in love like we have. You can find the Waxing Kara line here.

Lavender Honey Lollipops

Great with Earl Grey Tea

Lavender Honey Lollipops feature crushed dried lavender grown on our farm. In the middle of June, a group of us sit in the lavender patch that lines our driveway to cut the beautiful purple spikes that we then hang to dry in the studio. Harvesting lavender takes lots of time, but it’s worth it as the lavender aroma permeates our home. Once dried and processed by hand, we freeze the buds for use in these truly handmade gourmet lollipops. Use them to sweeten your Earl Grey tea. Featured in Cooking Light Magazine, Dr. Oz Good Life, Tea Magazine and Daily Candy!

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